Google Tensor in Pixel phones responsible for the failure of others?

With the launch of the Pixel 6 series, Google started a new era. Qualcomm was left behind after many years of partnership. With Google Tensor, there is now a separate smartphone platform for processors, modems, etc., just like Apple and Samsung. Although Google’s phones aren’t known for big sales, this move is starting to have an impact.

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More and more manufacturers have switched to MediaTek for cheaper devices and therefore away from Qualcomm. Xiaomi should be mentioned as a priority. But this also applies to other brands. That alone hurts Qualcomm a lot. In the USA, the American company is even left behind by MediaTek. At least that’s what the figures from the first analysts say. It’s a head-to-head race at the moment.

Qualcomm is also said to suffer from Google’s departure

Some even claim that Google also played a bigger role. Qualcomm’s departure would have had a powerful impact, allowing MediaTek to overtake Qualcomm. As mentioned, this surprises us because Google hasn’t actually been credited with large sales figures so far. This is why this change could theoretically not have had any major impact. But the experts say otherwise.

Google also played a role by abandoning Qualcomm for its own Tensor chipset. If Google had stuck with Qualcomm, MediaTek wouldn’t have gained the lead, Scarsella said.

Google recently spoke of record sales of its own pixel cell phones. However, without being really specific about what that means in detail. And the real bestsellers are yet to come. The new Pixel 6a should appear in May and will also have an in-house Tensor processor integrated. Here the prices are very likely below the 500 euro mark.

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