PS5: update 21.02-04.51 published today, 8 March 2022, here is the weight and details of the patch notes

Today, March 8, 2022, a new update is available for PlayStation 5. The Sony home console offers the update 21.02-04.51. Let’s see the details of the patch notes available on PS5 and the weight of the update.

The PS5 update 21.02-04.51 weighs 914 MB, as we could see for ourselves, updating the console. As reported by PlayStation 5, the new features of this firmware update only include “This system software update improves system performance”.

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In other words, it is a classic PS5 update that shouldn’t include anything particularly interesting. Obviously, as always, it is possible that there are some minor and secret changes that are not officially reported via the console’s internal patch notes.

For the moment, that’s all we know. Gamers all over the world are waiting for a more substantial update for PS5, which includes significant news such as support for VRR. We know that VRR support is coming to Sony TVs with Bravia XR 2021 processor: it is possible that PS5 will soon support this function with these TVs.

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