Samsung confirms that the Galaxy A and M series phones will not be equipped with chargers in the future

Previously, in response to Apple’s move to cancel the charger attached, Samsung’s overseas official website promised that Samsung Galaxy series products will still “have what you want”, and will give users the best configuration in all aspects.

However, Samsung deleted this tweet later and officially announced at the S21 conference that in addition to legal requirements in individual countries, most regions will cancel the standard charger in the future.

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Now, Samsung is also following Apple’s lead. Following the S-series flagship, Samsung confirmed that the new A-series and M-series models no longer come standard with chargers.

The official said that for environmental reasons, the charger is no longer standard in the mobile phone package. The reason given is also very straightforward because the user already has a charger, so naturally, there is no need for an extra charger.

For mobile phone manufacturers, the cancellation of the attached charger can not only contribute to environmental protection, reduce packaging volume, but also further reduce various costs, thereby increasing profits.

However, for consumers, their own chargers may not be compatible with new mobile phones (charging specifications, interfaces do not match), and they need to buy new chargers out of their own pockets.

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