White Microsoft Xbox Elite 2 Wireless Controller spotted for the first time at Retailer

A few years ago, Microsoft announced the Xbox Elite 2 series of wireless controllers. This accessory features upgraded materials, customizable, replaceable thumbsticks, and more detailed upgrades. While Xbox One and Xbox Series X owners have been patiently waiting for Gen 3, Microsoft seems to have other plans.

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Today, an image started circulating on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter showing that an unnamed retailer now has a stock of the white Xbox Elite Controller 2 in their hands. The body is white, the directional controls are black, and the buttons are white. This two-color design looks very interesting and will obviously appeal to players who want to upgrade their existing controllers.

It should be noted that the packaging has clearly stated that this is a 2-generation controller, not the long-awaited 3-series. With the device already in so many quantities at retailers, it’s not hard to imagine it could be announced soon, which we expect to see in the market well before E3.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have been affected, and expected products and projects have been delayed, which should be the case with the Elite 2 White Edition.

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