PlayStation is done for and will cease to exist in 10 years, according to Michael Pachter

Michael Pachter said PlayStation is done for and will cease to exist within ten years from now. The statement was made during a live show on Dealer-Gaming. Specifically, Pachter was asked if Sony PlayStation is capable of competing with Microsoft Xbox.

The man then stated, in translation: “I think PlayStation is doomed and I think it will cease to exist in its current form in about ten years. They can’t compete. They have no chance to compete. I’m not a couple of years behind. this is an unsurpassed advantage “(ed, that of Microsoft).

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Pachter has therefore not gone lightly and believes that PlayStation has no chance. We know the figure and we know that he usually exposes himself with very extreme opinions without too many worries.

For sure, Xbox Game Pass is a very valuable proposition, and Microsoft is acquiring many publishers at a fast pace, including huge companies like Activision Blizzard. Certainly, the company is becoming more competitive and may dominate the market at some point.

It must also be said that the market has continually shown that there is room for different types of approaches, as Nintendo always shows us that, while not competing directly with Sony and Microsoft in various respects, it is a company with enormous success.

Tell us, what do you think of this consideration? Do you agree?

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