Windows 11 Home Edition will come preinstalled with Microsoft Family parental control app

Along with the introduction of the pre-installed Clipchamp video editing app for Windows 11, we also saw Microsoft Family in action. As the name suggests, the latter allows parents to set the resources available to their children, or block access to certain apps and content on-demand. “Family safety features that were previously available on the web and mobile are now available through the Microsoft Family app on Windows 11,” Microsoft wrote.

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The application description says:

By configuring parental control settings, you can filter inappropriate apps and games and limit Microsoft Edge browser access to kid-friendly websites.

Additionally, the Microsoft Family app helps kids balance their screen time on Windows, Xbox, and Android devices, as well as use activity, reports to better understand their digital activities.

Even better, you can stay in touch with your family even if you are geographically far apart. It is reported that Microsoft Family will be pre-installed for users of the Windows 11 Home Edition operating system and can receive updates through the Microsoft Store app store channel.

As for Windows 11 Pro users, you need to manually search, download, and install through the Microsoft Store. Finally, if all goes well, the Microsoft Store will be available to all PC users through the official 22H2 update, along with software like Clipchamp.

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