WWE 2K22 available today

WWE 2K22 is available today, as announced by the 2K publisher. After the hiatus of 2021, the series of wrestling simulators par excellence returns with an edition that has convinced the press and which seems to be convincing also the players, given the very positive reviews it is receiving on Steam. We’ll see if it holds up over the long haul.

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Let’s read other details about the game modes taken from the official launch release:

Showcase Mode – Rey Mysterio
The 2K Showcase is the trademark of WWE 2K, the objective-based single-player story mode, which allows players to engage in a beloved story arc in WWE history and moments with unlockable characters, arenas and equipment. In Rey Mysterio’s 2K Showcase, players face legendary opponents such as Eddie Guerrero, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, as well as current Superstars, including The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. Fast-paced gameplay seamlessly switches to historical live footage, using 2K’s new Slingshot technology, for a truly immersive experience;

mode makes its WWE 2K22 debut allowing fans to work as WWE General Manager. With Raw, Smackdown, NXT or NXT UK, players can take the reins to compete against rival GMs. Become the highest-rated show by setting intense rivalries, over the top match types, championship finals, pay-per-view events, and an ever-growing arena and crowd arms race. Once players have set the stage, they can play as Superstar, interfere as GM, or call the shots from behind the scenes.

In a franchise-first, the new single-player collectible card game puts players in control of building a legendary faction that rivals the iconic nWo. Players will be able to collect, manage and upgrade Superstars, with weekly events and regular updates.

Below are the four different types of virtual currency in WWE 2K22 – MyFACTION Points, MyFACTION Tokens and Virtual Currency can only be found in MyFACTION mode:

  • MyFACTION Points – which can be spent on packs of cards and contracts – are awarded for completing games and challenges;
  • MyFACTION Tokens – which can be spent in the Token Rewards market to unlock powerful WWE Superstar and Legend cards – are also awarded for completing matches and challenges;
  • Virtual Currency- available for purchase and expendable exclusively in MyFACTION on card packages, boxes and contracts. As an important reminder, anything that players can purchase with virtual currency can also be unlocked with MyFACTION points. Additionally, MyFACTION is a single-player only experience, so players cannot gain a competitive edge over others by purchasing virtual currency.
  • Store Tokens: Earned with the game in all non-MyFACTION modes, these tokens can be spent in the Shopping Store to unlock Superstars and any other items for use in non-MyFACTION modes

RISE MyRISE gives players the opportunity to experience the journey of a WWE Superstar, from the humble beginnings of a Rookie at the WWE Performance Center to the challenge of becoming a Superstar, to being immortalized as a WWE Legend. With unique storylines of the men’s and women’s divisions available for the first time in the franchise’s history, players will meet a host of WWE Superstars and Legends as they embark on the journey.

Creation Suite
The Creation Suite is back, and it’s better than ever. Create a character in your own image and likeness or a completely different one, choosing from tons of options and fantastic elements of all kinds, then step into the ring wherever and whenever you want.

WWE 2K22 is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PS4 and PS5.

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