Google Pixel: Contactless Payments blocked after the feature drop in March

A few days ago we told you about the surprise release of the new Android 12 feature drop by Google exclusively for the pixel line devices. Unfortunately, however, the situation of the new feature drop does not seem to be rosy at all: on the contrary, the update blocks contactless payments via smartphones on some devices.

Apparently, in fact, the smartphones from Google Pixel 3A to Pixel 5A that install the update seem to have problems of various kinds in different parts of the operating system, which, however, would mainly focus on the management of contactless payments, blocked by a popup that reads: ” your phone does not meet software standards”. You can take a look at the notice at the bottom of this news.

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The notice goes on to explain that ” you cannot make contactless payments from this device. The device may be using non-certified software. Contact the device manufacturer or visit Google Pay Help for more information. You can still use Google Pay for online payments. ”

This is a bad blow to the credibility of the updates provided by Big G, which could have proved disastrous if Pixel 6 and 6 Pro had also suffered from the problem: fortunately, the two devices have not yet received the new update, which therefore definitely becomes not recommended at least until Google has confirmed that Pixel 6 does not suffer from blocking contactless payments.

We also remind you that Google has yet to release a fix for Pixel 6 problems with Wi-Fi networks, introduced as a “side effect” of the February update of the devices and which should be resolved with the March update of the two smartphones.

The main problem related to the blocking of contactless payments through Google devices is that the user is alerted only during transactions, which means that those who use a smartphone that suffers from the bug risk finding themselves at the supermarket or restaurant unable to make any payment.

Unless you have a physical copy of your credit card or cash with you. Several reports have already been posted on the Google Pixel Reddit board, so it’s only a matter of time before Google explains what is causing the problem and how to fix it.

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