Google Play Games PC version starts today

Google Play Games for PC is an upcoming service, users can play Android games on Windows computers. After more than a month of open registration, Google Play Games for PC has been the first to start testing in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea today.

As can be seen from the picture, the first supported games include Asphalt 9: Racing Legend, Mobile Legends (Endless Showdown), Summoners War, etc. Users need to download a dedicated client, Currently only supports open login in the above three regions.

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According to the official introduction, Google Play Games is a PC application that allows you to browse, download and play some mobile games on your Windows desktop or laptop.

In addition to playing your favorite Android games on PC, you can use your keyboard and mouse, sync seamlessly between devices, and integrate with Google Play Points. Google Play Games is not currently available for Mac.

Google Play Games for PC requires the computer to have more than 8GB of memory and 20GB of storage space. Conditional friends can click here to experience it.

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