Battlefield 2022 update v0.3.3.1 released for Xbox One players

Battlefields change before your eyes. A cutting-edge arsenal at your disposal. The grand return of all-out warfare. Adapt and overcome in massive-scale 128 player battles* where dynamic storms, environmental hazards, total combat freedom, and Battlefield’s signature destruction spark a new breed of Only in Battlefield moments.

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Battlefield 2022 update v3.3.3.1 is now available to download on Xbox One and should be grabbed automatically the next time you load the game. If you’re not seeing the update, perform a complete power cycle of your Xbox One by pressing and holding the Xbox Power Button until the system fully turns off. When the device restarts, you should see that the update is acquired for download when you next attempt to load the game.

  • Changelog:

Fixes, Changes, and Improvements

  • Fixed common crash on XB1 related to muting players in text chat

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