BMW is probably aiming to switch to Android Automotive

With BMW, is another vehicle manufacturer ready to give up its own software for Android Automotive OS? German car manufacturers in particular are currently using their own solutions for their software.

But that could change in the long run. BMW is another manufacturer that initially resisted Google’s solutions for a long time, only to gradually go all-in Android. BMW, for example, recently demonstrated exclusively with Google the way from Android Auto to the digital speedometer behind the steering wheel.

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Now the next big step may come soon. BMW is planning to use Android Automotive as it appears right now. Behind it is the complete car operating system from Google. There are some clear indications right now that BMW is definitely running Android Automotive. There is no public talk about it at the moment.

BMW has and is looking for employees for Android Automotive OS

For example, Chris Brandt is a long-standing BMW employee who has since been hired as “Project Lead Android Automotive at BMW”. There are also exciting job advertisements online. BMW is looking for developers who are familiar with Android Automotive and the Android Open Source Project (more open Android source code).

Colleagues suspect behind it that BMW wants to rely on the open-source Android Automotive and therefore does without Google services. That’s not unusual. Nevertheless, the manufacturers benefit from the support for Android apps, which significantly simplifies the provision and maintenance of popular services such as Spotify, etc. This is where the strengths of Android as an established operating system come into their own.

In the future, there will be more and more – primarily electric – cars that each use a uniform basis for hardware and software. In my opinion, this is a very exciting development.

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