Google Acquires Startup Raxium, develops new microLED technology for AR displays

Google has big plans for augmented reality, which are not yet being discussed in detail but are already setting the course behind the scenes. The development of an AR operating system has been known for a long time and now Google is said to have taken over a startup that deals with display technologies. No less than a billion dollars could have flowed for this.

Despite numerous attempts by many large companies, virtual realities from VR to AR to mixed reality have not yet really taken off, but Google already has big plans for the next attempt. From your own headset to various AR apps to your own augmented reality operating system, everything is included. However, according to informed circles, Google is said to have “realized that an operating system is not enough” and is now also dealing more deeply with the technology.

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Google is said to have taken over or want to take over the startup Raxium, which deals with significantly smaller and improved display technologies. With the microLED, much smaller and yet extremely high-resolution displays should be possible – exactly what you need for AR glasses. Because the display will be directly in front of the user’s eyes when using AR glasses.

For this it needs much tighter layered pixels and probably also increased brightness. The above infographic shows what you want to achieve. And despite the improvements, less energy is said to be required.

Such a display technology would certainly also be interesting for large areas, but the first thing to do is deal with the small displays – the “really small displays”, according to the company. This results in many different use cases for AR glasses, VR glasses, tablets with 3D technology without glasses and for industries such as medicine. So the potential goes far beyond the use in AR glasses. According to their own statements, they have leading technology companies among their customers, but no final product on the market yet.

Google is said to have taken over Raxium or is at least about to take it over, but in the absence of official announcements, it is not known exactly. A purchase price is also not known, but the company is said to have recently been valued at around one billion dollars. Thus, the purchase price should probably be within this range, maybe even a bit higher. Because the race for AR seems to be in full swing again: Meta with the Metaverse seems to be at least a marketing driving force, Apple glasses are always expected and Microsoft is always showing new technologies.

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