Google Stadia: cancellation for widescreens and other browsers

Although the Google for Games developer conference was very technical, there were unfortunately hardly any exciting innovations for active Stadia users. Networks like Twitter show that Stadia still has a few points to work through. This also includes support for other browsers. Google is actually committed to open standards, but Stadia lacks that.

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Stadia hardly gets any direct improvements: It’s just small things, but maybe crucial?

Stadia remains limited to Google Chrome on computers. There is currently nothing to announce about other browsers. Which is also the response given to users asking about wider screen support. Even three years after the first Stadia presentation, “widescreens” are left out. Custom resolutions were also rejected.

Let’s put it this way, the small and yet popular additional functions are missing. The extent to which these small details determine success or failure is difficult to define.

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