Google Assistant Voice Typing for Pixel 6 coming soon to older Pixel phones

Google introduced more advanced voice typing with the Pixel 6 smartphones, powered by the latest generation of the Google Assistant. The voice input is extremely fast, sets periods and commas, even allows the respective app to be controlled and the text to be edited using voice commands. Brilliant, but currently only available to a very limited extent. But that is exactly what should change.

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Google is also increasingly delivering voice typing to older Pixel models

The latest preview version of Android 13 shows that Google will probably open up voice typing for other pixel models. The English-speaking colleagues could now find the Assistant feature on the Pixel 5 and Pixel 5a. However, not yet on the older and cheaper Pixel 4a. Of course, this can still change until the release of Android 13 next fall.

Google Tensor in the Pixel 6 provides small advantages

In a direct comparison, however, the colleagues noticed a difference. Voice typing is a noticeable corner faster on Pixel 6 devices with Google Tensor processors. However, this difference is not so great that one would constantly notice it in everyday life. Slower yes, but not significantly.

There are even people who can use voice typing on older models even on Android 12.1. So far, Google has been rather unclear about the rollout for older Pixel models and has not yet made any announcements. In a pinch, check the Gboard ‘s voice input settings.

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