Apple Boot Camp updated to support Apple Studio displays

Intel Mac users running Windows on their Macs can now update drivers in Boot Camp to enable support for Apple’s Studio Display. Apple regularly updates Boot Camp to introduce support for new hardware, as well as typical compatibility and performance improvements.

In a March software update, Apple has enabled Boot Camp to work with the new Studio Display. The update that brings Boot Camp to version 6.1.17 introduces two key support elements.

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First, it adds compatibility with Studio monitors, ensuring Intel Mac users running Windows can still use the monitor without problems. The update also includes AMD graphics driver updates, changes that are particularly useful for eGPU users.

Boot Camp is Apple’s software for running Windows on Mac hardware and is available for Intel-based Macs. Apple Silicon Macs can only run Windows in a virtual machine in macOS, which means that as long as macOS is up to date, support for Studio Display will be available by default.

While Studio Display will work on the Windows desktop, macOS-specific features like the Webcam’s Center Stage won’t work.

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