PUBG: NFT coming soon? Krafton enters into partnership with SOLANA LABS

Krafton, the group that brings together PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds teams, has partnered with the public blockchain platform Solana Labs. What can this deal mean for the famous Battle Royale?

Krafton said its plans for partnering with Solana Labs include the ” development and operation of blockchain- and NFT-based games and services. ” It is not at all excluded, therefore, that NFTs are introduced within PUBG, passed to the free-to-play model, and potentially on the verge of becoming play to earn.

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Of course, at the moment we are talking about suppositions and hypotheses, and no official announcement has come that confirms the introduction of these elements within the online shooter.

“Krafton will constantly consider ways to work closely with blockchain companies like Solana Labs as we continue to build our Web 3 ecosystem,” Hyungchul Park, head of Krafton’s Web 3 division, said in a statement. “Solana represents the best of the Web 3.0 ecosystem and its technologies. Through this collaboration, Krafton will acquire the information necessary to accelerate its investments and the production of blockchain-based experiences. ”

By February, Krafton had already invested $ 6.6 million in a couple of Korea-based NFT startups to continue working on its Web 3 operations. A title that certainly will not welcome the NFTs is Final Fantasy XIV, as confirmed by the director Naoki Yoshida.

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