Meta donates $300,000 to the Python Software Foundation

Meta recently awarded $300,000 to the Python Software Foundation (PSF). The organization maintains Core Python (CPython), an open-source programming language that powers most machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence applications.

Python is very important to Meta, said PSF. PyTorch is built on Python and accelerates both within Meta and the entire open-source ML ecosystem, accelerating the path from ML research and prototyping to production. Cinder is Meta performance-oriented. Meta’s Python version that allows Instagram to run globally, and Pyre is a high-performance type checker used by thousands of Python developers at Meta.

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Meta’s investment in PSF will provide PSF with critical support and funding for the second year of the successful developer-in-residence program, the PSF said in a blog post.

The PSF’s Developer-in-Residence program, launched in 2021, provides funding for a full-time developer role in CPython. The program helped PSF hire Ɓukasz Langa, who has been processing the backlog of pull requests, completing the migration of to GitHub issues, and mentoring new core developers.

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