Rose Young: iPhones with under-screen Face ID won’t wait until at least 2024

Earlier, Korean media The Elec said that Apple plans to use an under-screen Face ID sensor in the iPhone 15 Pro model launched next year. Now Rose Young, CEO of DSCC, a screen supply chain consultancy, said that the adoption of under-screen Face ID will not be possible until at least the iPhone 16.

Citing a report from Korean media The Elec, Samsung Display and OTI Lumionics are developing a new generation of under-screen cameras, which will first appear on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 next year, followed by Appleā€™s iPhone 15 Pro in the fall of 2023 (tentatively scheduled for release). name) model.

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The report says Samsung Display has partnered with OTI Lumionics, which has developed a new generation of organic cathode patterning materials (CPMs) capable of ” opening tiny transparent windows in the cathode and OLED pixel layers.”

This in turn makes the display completely transparent, allowing Apple to fit its FaceID sensor under the display. When unlocking the display, the IR sensor will work normally, leaving a display with no notch and punch hole at all for the user to enjoy.

However, Rose Young said the in-display Face ID sensor won’t appear until the iPhone 16 at the earliest. That means Apple won’t use in-display Face ID technology until 2024.

The company may also be working on its foldable iPhone that will compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip lineups. In the foldable segment of the smartphone market, Apple has been left far behind and has yet to offer anything. Still, foldable screen technology isn’t perfect, and the company may be working hard to bring it up to its standards.

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