Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory will open on April 7 and is expected to deliver Model Y as well

According to the reports, after the opening ceremony of the Berlin Gigafactory was held on March 22 and the mass deliveries of Model Y electric vehicles began, Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, will also hold an opening ceremony on the 7th of next month.

The opening ceremony of Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory on April 7 stemmed from an invitation posted by Musk on his active social media. The invitations show that the event, called “Cyber ​​Rodeo,” will take place on April 7 at 1 Tesla Road in Austin, Texas.

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Following the opening of the Gigafactory in Berlin, Tesla’s opening of the Gigafactory in Texas is also expected. Tesla has previously announced that they will hold an event for the opening of their newest factory in the United States.

Some media also mentioned in the report that Tesla had applied in February to hold related activities on the opening day of the Texas Gigafactory, and then local relevant agencies also approved Tesla’s application.

Judging from the number of participants mentioned by foreign media in the report, Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory will hold a grand opening ceremony. Foreign media said in the report that Tesla is preparing to invite 15,000 people to participate in an event called “Cyber ​​Rodeo”.

Tesla’s super factory in Texas, announced in July 2020, is their second vehicle assembly plant in the United States and the first full-scale vehicle they have built in the United States. car factory. Their first full-vehicle assembly plant in the U.S., in Fremont, California, was not built entirely by them but acquired and subsequently remodeled and expanded.

Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory, located in the east of Austin, Texas, is about 5 minutes drive from Austin International Airport and about 15 minutes drive from downtown Austin.

The Gigafactory in Texas is the fourth Gigafactory that Tesla has determined to build, the other three being the Reno Gigafactory in Nevada, the Shanghai Gigafactory and the Berlin Gigafactory. Among the four super factories, the Texas Gigafactory occupies the largest area and will be built on a piece of land covering an area of ​​more than 2,000 acres, which is 12,140 acres, which is much larger than the other super factories.

As planned, Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory will be used to produce the Model Y and the electric pickup Cybertruck. Among them, the production of Model Y began at the end of last year, and after obtaining the relevant certification, they will start delivering to consumers.

Like the Shanghai Gigafactory and the Berlin Gigafactory, on the opening day of the Texas Gigafactory, Tesla will most likely deliver the Model Y produced by this Gigafactory to consumers, kicking off mass deliveries.

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