Nintendo Switch Sports: Screenshots at resolutions higher than 1080P, does Switch Pro have to do with it?

As noted on Twitter by the well-known insider Samus Hunter, Nintendo is strangely publishing screenshots of Nintendo Switch Sports at somewhat suspicious resolutions, which exceed the 1080p limit which effectively binds any game running on the hybrid console.

As you can see through the Post reported at the bottom, we speak for the accuracy of promotional images that have a resolution of 2048 × 1152p. This is anomalous behavior on the part of the big N, as screenshots are usually spread at the Switch’s native resolution (1080p or lower).

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According to data miner sightings, the Wii Sports successor will be the first Switch title to take advantage of AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution, and it is likely thanks to this technology that the title is technically capable of surpassing 1080p resolution.

While the Switch OLED dock supports 4K output, it remains limited to the console firmware’s maximum 1080p resolution. However, Nintendo is testing games that run at higher resolutions, and numbers have been detected that go above PS5 / Series X standards, such as 5760x324p. Twitter also featured images of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 embellished with better visual effects than those in the announcement trailer.

Considering that the Switch firmware binds the resolution to a maximum of 1080p, it cannot be ruled out that the company is carrying out technical tests with the Pro model, or in any case a new variant of the Switch console family.

However, it is the same insider who proposed the discussion who is very cautious on the issue, and it is also true that Nintendo has already published screenshots at particularly high resolutions on rare occasions, such as with Hyrule Warriors (however it must be considered that in Japan it was Koei-Tecmo who managed aspects such as marketing and distribution).

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