GoPro introduces Volta, a new handle accessory: built-in large-capacity battery, 3 times longer battery life

GoPro announced a new accessory for its action camera, this accessory combines multiple functions, can be used as a graspable handle/tripod, and can also act as a wired or wireless remote control, And with its built-in 4900mAh battery, the GoPro can triple the battery life of the camera, and with the camera’s built-in battery, it can shoot 4 hours of 5.3K video continuously.

The Volta uses an integrated USB-C cable that plugs into and charges your GoPro with the push of a button, and a USB-C port for charging its internal battery. GoPro says the built-in battery can be charged in two and a half hours, and there’s a fast-charge mode that can go from 0 to 60 percent in an hour.

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The Volta also has a built-in remote that can be pressed to start recording or cycle through the camera’s shooting modes, or wirelessly via Bluetooth when the GoPro is plugged into the Volta. The Volta’s wireless remote is compatible with GoPro’s 360-degree Max cameras and older Hero models.

There are lights above the remote that show the remaining battery power and indicate whether the camera is in the video, photo, or time-lapse mode. GoPro says it supports distances up to 30 meters, but “its range may be compromised when shooting at higher resolutions and frame rates.”

The Volta has a kickstand on the top to mount your GoPro on, and a foldable kickstand on the side that pops out to mount the Volta on other GoPro accessories like backpacks or bike mounts.

The 1/4-20 screw mount on the bottom allows it to be attached to conventional shooting equipment such as a tripod. The Volta is priced at $130, and GoPro users can get a discount, bringing the price down to about $90.

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