Look here how the Google smart lamp is made: here is Google dLight

In February it emerged that Google has created a smart lamp for its employees, a device called dLight and intended for use exclusively within the company. Thanks to the FCC database, new interesting details have emerged, accompanied by several live photos, related to dLight and thanks to which we can get an idea of ​​its appearance and what it is able to offer.

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The Google dLight lamp visited the FCC

On the circular base of the lamp there are three commands : next to the button dedicated to switching on and off, in fact, there are the “sliding” controls for managing the color temperature (from cold to warm) and brightness (from minimum to the utmost).

On the back of the base, there is a USB Type-C port, a DC jack and a hole for the reset button while at the bottom is a QR code for a quick Google Home / Assistant setup. Inside the base, there is also the Wi-Fi antenna.

We remind you that the Google dLight lamp is designed only for employees of the Mountain View giant to improve the work experience from home: for example, it can be angled to be perfect for video calls while the temperature and brightness controls are detailed enough for the most demanding people.

Basically, Google dLight is not a product that is well suited to the general public, is designed mainly for niche and particularly demanding users. This does not exclude that this smart lamp could equally be a great success should the Mountain View giant change its mind and decide to launch it on the market.

Maybe other companies will take a cue from Google and in the future, they will launch smart lamps that are able to guarantee users a solution that is so engineered and integrated with the smart home ecosystem.

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