Google Tab Maker: Click instead of programming and you can create your own Chrome tabs

The vast majority of Google Chrome users are likely to use one or more browser extensions to increase functionality or simplify processes. If you can’t find a suitable extension or want to create a personalized extension yourself, you can now do this very easily with the relatively new Google Tab Maker. No programming knowledge is required for this.

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Thanks to numerous tools, almost anyone can program or create interactive applications today – Google has already shown this with several tools. Recently, the relatively young product Google Tab Maker was launched, which allows the creation of custom tabs that can have a wide variety of content without any programming. Simply choose a layout, fill it with content in the form of image, text, or data from a Google Sheets spreadsheet, make a few design decisions and you’re done.

The finished tab can then be downloaded and used in your own browser. Anyone who is registered as a developer in the Chrome Web Store can upload the file and also share it with other users. These can be used by other users or serve as inspiration for your own tabs. Google itself offers a gallery of examples on the Tab Maker page that can be used as a template and adapted to your own needs.

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