Windows 11 Snap layout now selects a tab in Edge

In the latest preview version of Windows 11 Build 22563, Microsoft allows users to select a tab of Edge in the Snap layout instead of the entire browser. Naturally, some users may not like this operation, and Microsoft provides a toggle option that allows users to choose whether to enable it according to their preferences.

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Now when you choose to run two windows side by side, the Snap layout allows you to directly select a specific tab in the Edge browser. Under the Snap layout, the tabs of the Edge browser are presented as thumbnails, and users can choose according to their needs.

However, Microsoft knows this may not be to everyone’s liking, so the company has also introduced an option that allows users to disable this behavior. Users can also switch back if they want to continue using the Edge single-window.

This is clearly a welcome improvement for Microsoft Edge users, and it shows once again that sticking with the native browser is something that makes more sense on Windows 11 because of its deep integration with the operating system.

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