Gmail app on iOS 15 with problems

If you are a user of Gmail, then you are in “good company” because as of April 2018, four years ago, the company reported 1.5 billion active users. Gmail has many strengths, but also some weaknesses.

Many of the functions can be found exclusively in the Gmail app, but if you can do without them, you must at least be prepared to not have emails delivered via push in third-party apps. A function that only works directly in Google’s Gmail app.

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Gmail for iOS has had a major problem since last year and the release of iOS 15, because the app “stutters” for many users when scrolling through their mails. I too know the problem and it’s really bad to look at, almost causing motion sickness.

The problem does not only affect the new iPhone 13, older models are also affected. Users are still reporting the error in the forums to this day, moderators say that this problem has already been passed on to Google – apparently, nothing has really happened yet.

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