OPPO’s AP chip will be mass-produced in 2023, and mobile SoC will be launched in 2024

Recently, according to Taiwan media reports, after the Chinese mobile phone maker OPPO launched its first self-developed image processing neural network computing (NPU) chip last year, its IC design subsidiary Shanghai Zheku has launched an application processor (AP) and mobile phone system.

Single-chip (SoC) research and development, it is expected that the first AP will be launched in 2023 and will be produced using TSMC’s 6-nanometer process. In 2024, a mobile SoC integrating AP and modem (Modem) will be launched, and TSMC’s 4-nanometer process will be further used.

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Previously, OPPO’s self-developed NPU chip has been officially launched. On December 14, 2021, at OPPO’s 2021 Future Technology Conference, OPPO’s first self-developed NPU chip, Mariana MariSilicon X, was officially released. This is from front-end design, back-end design, to IP design, memory architecture, ARM CPU design scheme, algorithm, supply chain tape-out and other links, which are all completed by the OPPO chip design team, which also includes the design team. , the digital verification team, and the back-end integration team, which shows the “seriousness” of OPPO’s core making.

Industry analysts said that it is expected that OPPO will launch 4nm mobile phone SoC chips in two years. It may still not be able to compare with Qualcomm and MediaTek in terms of process adoption and performance design. However, self-developed chips can be tried in low-end mobile phone product lines first, and then Gradually increase the penetration rate of their own SoC chips.

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