Samsung details the One UI vulnerabilities fixed with the April patches

Samsung also shared this month the details of the corrections applied to its user interface with the April update, which already arrived on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and arriving in the next days/weeks also on all other products eligible for monthly releases.

Also on this occasion, the Seoul-based company categorized the various vulnerabilities resolved on the basis of the severity level:

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  • Critical: none
  • High: 27 in total
  • Moderate: 18 in total
  • Already included in previous updates: 6 in total
  • Not applicable to Samsung devices: 4 in total

Among the 27 at high risk is CVE-2022-0847 aka Dirty Pipe. So it was nicknamed on the web, where there was talk for days of a vulnerability that allowed, potentially, any application to root a device by exploiting a weakness in the 5.8 version of the Linux kernel.

The list above refers to the corrections applied by Samsung to the user interface and represents extras compared to the “classic” Android security patches that instead bear the signature of Google and are distributed to all manufacturers that use Android, which can then decide whether to transfer them directly to customers, without making any changes, or whether to add corrective measures for their interfaces, as Samsung has done and does (always).

The latest security patches released by Google and Samsung’s One UI fixes will be rolled out across all Galaxy smartphones and tablets over the next few weeks. For more information and all the details, please refer to the dedicated page on Samsung Mobile Security (link in SOURCE ).

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