Windows 11 major update official announcement

At the Windows Hybrid Office Conference held tonight, Microsoft confirmed a large wave of new features that will be brought to the Windows 11 system next. Although some of them have been launched in the beta version, this statement means that these functions will not be endless and will appear in the official version.

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Refactoring the resource manager to support multiple labels

Like the current mainstream web browsers, the new resource manager will also support single-window multi-tab browsing, which can make more effective use of screen space and improve operational efficiency to a certain extent.

New focus function

The focus function adds a do not disturb option and supports custom focus mode time.

Global real-time subtitles

Whether it’s audio or video, Windows 11 will support system-level global real-time subtitle display.

Start menu support folder

The start menu of Win11 can finally place two applications on top of each other, which is automatically created as a folder.

Snap Layouts will support touch operations.

IT administrators can push messages to the target user’s desktop, lock screen and even taskbar. For example, Microsoft pushes a welcome letter for new employees.

It is a little regrettable that Microsoft has not specified the push time of the above functions, and the outside world tends to think that they will all be ready in Win11 22H2 this year.

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