Google Chrome: Privacy Guide takes you step-by-step through the privacy settings

Google Chrome version 100 has been released. Innovations are also donated to Google’s Chrome OS in this context. If you’re interested in Google’s learnings along the way, take a look here. Sometimes they also chat about the importance of privacy protection and security.

This is also where the Privacy Guide comes in. Although the company claims that data protection and security controls have been made clearer in recent years, the Privacy Guide is intended to guide you step by step through the data protection and security settings of the Chrome browser.

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The Privacy Guide also provides additional information (advantages, compromises, etc.) so that you can think about the effects on privacy in every setting. In addition, you should use the guide to weigh advantages over subjective things, which settings should be activated or deactivated.

To start, the privacy guide has built-in controls for cookies, history sync, safe browsing, and improve search and browsing. You want to devote yourself to community feedback in order to record further settings in the future. The guide does not have to be run through in one go but can be continued at any time with saved changes.

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