Apple to announce collaboration with K-pop group Seventeen at new Myeongdong store on April 7

The collaboration between Apple and K-pop group Seventeen could be announced on Thursday at the still unopened Apple store in Myeongdong, South Korea. According to an exclusive report from IIgan Sports, Apple will announce a new collaboration with the popular K-pop group. The news will be announced at an event at the Apple Store in Myeongdong on April 7.

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Details of the partnership are unclear, but Apple has partnered with entertainers in the past to promote new Apple retail stores. In 2017, Apple collaborated with hip-hop artist Saba, when the singer wrote a song celebrating the opening of its Michigan Avenue store in Chicago.

Apple subsidiary Beats by Dre is also known for its extensive collaborative work on its Beats line of headphones and promotional ads. Some people think that Apple may also cooperate with Seventeen for product launch and promotion.

Considering that the Apple Store in Myeongdong will open at 10am on April 9, it seems reasonable to promote the new store with a popular K-pop group a few days in advance.

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