Google is already working on Android TV OS 13

While we are waiting for the latest version of Android TV OS to date, there are already the first details about the next update. The new Android TV OS 12 was introduced last year and has not yet been rolled out.

There should have been a rollout earlier this year, but that announcement was revised shortly thereafter. Now the new version will be released sometime later this year. So probably about a year after their announcement then. And Google is already working on a successor.

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Android TV OS 12 brings a few new features. What the successor has with it as version 13 is also slowly leaking out. An expansion of the picture-in-picture functions is planned, reports the developer Mishaal Rahman. “This enables picture-in-picture windows that are even longer or wider than before,” he writes in his tweet.

It also states that these windows can be moved around the screen in the new mode. However, the exact function remains to be seen.

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