Age of Empires II: Decision Edition announces that the new Indian Dynasty expansion pack will sell for $9.99

As an evergreen real-time strategy game, Age of Empires II: Decision Edition has welcomed two expansion packs from Forgotten Empires. Following Lords of the West and Dawn of the Dukes, the studio has now released a new Dynasties of India expansion pack that includes campaign missions and multiplayer gameplay for multiple civilizations.

The newly introduced battle of babur, which will allow players to assume the roles of Tatars and Hindustanis, revolves around the founder of the Mughal empire, zahir din Mohammed.

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Second, the Battle of Lakindra focuses on Rajendra Chola’s expansion of empire in southern India, with the player having the option to play as the orange of the Dravidians.

Players can then choose Bengali forces in the battle of devalbon and tell stories related to the polo dynasty. all the tasks of the relevant activities will be fully demonstrated.

it is worth mentioning that the new expansion will also bring three new factions to the multiplayer mode, including the Bengalis (elephants/navy), the Dravidians (infantry/navy), and the gurgillas (cavalry/camel rewards).

Finally, Age of Empires II: Decision Edition brings 23 new achievements to the Dynasty of India expansion pack that Steam and Xbox players can challenge.

The new expansion pack will go live in the Microsoft And Steam Stores on April 28 and will be priced at $9.99 (about $94).

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