Apple TV Netflix App Update has swapped with the tvOS 15 default video player interface

Netflix is updating its Apple TV client to introduce support for tvOS 15 players. Earlier this week, the new UI was already reflected in version 2.1.23. However, sharp-eyed Reddit and Twitter netizens found that Netflix has switched to the native player of tvOS 15 – featuring a larger font display of the title of the show and the movie above the play bar at the bottom of the screen.

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In addition, there is an updated information button that displays details such as relevant content, duration, subtitles, etc. after clicking. With this change, the Netflix tvOS client eliminates the option to swipe down to access settings such as subtitles, language, sound output, and more.

This is so because tvOS 15’s native player interface does not support the above layout. However, in addition to Netflix, other streaming services such as HBO Max are also using the same tvOS 15 native players, and old users should feel more comfortable with this.

Interested parties can keep an eye out for automatic app updates on your Apple TV. Of course, there are also some developers who insist on using their own playback interfaces, such as Amazon Prime Video.

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