Diablo 3: Season 26 starts today, with new activities and content

Diablo 3 continues with its seasonal updates 14 years after its original release, and begins Season 26 of the Blizzard game today, with new activities, content and various other features.

The theme of Season 26 is “Echoing Nightmare”, which is also the name of a new activity that sees us fight within an increasingly complex and challenging event, which shows what happens if you fail the mission in Nephalem. Taking part in the event allows you to get various rewards including some particularly coveted items that return from Season 14.

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The update was preceded by patch 2.7.3 which paved the way for the arrival of Season 26, also bringing the graphics of the Xbox Series X version to native 4K. At the same time, the 2.4 patches for Diablo 2 Resurrected was also released, the second reworked chapter that recently reached 5 million copies sold.

The patch notes related to Season 26 cover a huge amount of changes and improvements made by Blizzard, which concern the new content added with the season and also a large amount of rebalancing and various bug fixes, as well as interventions carried out on the various classes of characters and new items coming to players.

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