Opera’s Crypto browser lands on the iOS platform with a built-in unsecured cryptocurrency wallet

Opera’s Crypto Browser has landed on the iOS platform, and the biggest highlight of the browser is the built-in unmanaged cryptocurrency wallet. Previously, the browser has landed on Windows, macOS and Android platforms.

Opera says the browser is for those familiar with cryptocurrencies as well as new entrants. The app’s built-in cryptocurrency wallet supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Celo blockchain technologies, and Opera plans to integrate more ecosystems.

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users can use fiat and exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies and send and receive supported tokens. users can also integrate their existing cryptocurrency wallets (as long as they are compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine) into the browser’s built-in wallet.

The Crypto Browser app also includes a feature called Crypto Corner, which aggregates news and information about cryptocurrencies, as well as events, airdriops, and podcasts to help users stay up-to-date with the technology.

Jorgen Arnesen, executive vice president of Opera’s mobile business, said in a statement: “Interest in Web3 continues to grow. The Opera Crypto browser project was built to simplify the user experience of Web3, which is often confusing for mainstream users. Opera believes that Web3 must be easy to use in order to reach its full potential and be adopted at scale.”

the browser is also equipped with security features such as an ad tracker, pop-up blocker and cookie conversation blocking. it also employs cryptocurrency mining protection to stop cryptocurrency hijacking scripts.

To address the environmental problem of high energy consumption for blockchain, Opera said it is working to integrate Ethereum’s second-layer solution, which should be to reduce the environmental impact of the technology. In February, Opera announced that it had integrated Layer 2 into the Crypto Browser Android application. iOS apps also implement Layer 2 technology.

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