Google Pixel camera has been my smartphone highlight for years

For many experts, Google’s cameras don’t deliver the best overall package. Nevertheless, Pixel phones are always there when it comes to the best cameras.

I think about switching to another smartphone quite often. However, I am always aware that I simply cannot do without certain advantages of the Pixel smartphones and do not want to do without them.

A few functions stand out in particular, which definitely include the outstanding camera performance of the Pixel phones. And this has been the case for several years.

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On the one hand, Google has never overloaded us, the Google camera on Pixel phones does not exactly offer many functions. The fact that two new modes with Pixel 6 have been added was a rare exception.

What may simply be too little for some users and has already been criticized by me, can convince in everyday life over several years. The app is pleasantly simple.

I just noticed this again in comparison with the OnePlus 10 Pro. At its core, this comes quite close to the Pixel phones, because it does not look as extremely overloaded as devices from Xiaomi and Co.

But despite Hasselblad’s collaboration and other promises, the camera doesn’t have the level of Google. At least not if you just want to take photos that look good right away and at any time.

Google is very consistent, which is not common in the Android world

And this is exactly the point that has convinced Google Pixel for years. Perfection of the software and workmanship has led to the cameras delivering stable and uniformly improved performance for years to come.

The focus is also on simplicity in order to be able to create a qualitatively respectable snapshot directly “from the hip”. I think the Pixel phones capture almost every scene with their individual mood very well.

I haven’t come across any other phone that takes such consistently great shots. And by that, I really mean all the moments that can happen to you 24 hours a day. For me, this is another unique selling point that Google should by no means give up or risk.

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