Magic eraser on Google Pixel: So cool, but I use it too rarely

The Magic Eraser is almost hidden. But it was one of the highlights of the Pixel 6 phones. I love this feature. Of course, Google had primarily advertised the camera on its latest Pixel 6 smartphones.

But there were also new functions that have nothing directly to do with the camera. This includes the magic eraser, which is a function of Google Photos and is only used afterward. A few months after launch, I can say that this feature is extremely cool.

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Magic Eraser really strong in some situations

Basically, it’s like this: If you don’t like an object in a photo, the Magic Eraser can remove it. Google speaks superficially of other people. But cars and all other objects can also be removed. Sometimes bad, sometimes right. But often good enough that the small errors of the automatic no longer catch your eye. Via WhatsApp, Instagram and Co. or on smaller displays anyway hardly.

It is sometimes difficult with very restless backgrounds. Or even straight lines in the picture can reveal that something has been reworked. But often only if you search for it or zoom into the photo. In total viewing on a small display such as the smartphone, the telltale details do not always immediately catch the eye. Impressive, considering the little work that the user has. You just have to mark what you want to remove.

I think it’s cool that such a feature is right in my gallery app. I don’t have to look for an alternative app and edit photos specifically. I can scroll through my gallery and edit the respective photo directly with very few taps. I am now a big fan of the Magic Eraser on Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but I rarely use it in everyday life.

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