World of Warcraft 10.0 new breaking news: new race dragons and new classes

According to the latest reports, on the forum MMOchampion, a user named “Scaleface” broke the news about the 10.0 version of World of Warcraft, which may include a new race “Dracthyr” and a new class “Evoker”.

In the leak map he released, the “Dracthyr” is a new race similar to the dragon people, with two forms of people and dragons, and can also release the dragon tribe’s spitting and other skills. There is no more introduction to the new profession “Evoker”.

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In terms of version information, the leaked content also corresponds to the fact that the 10.0 version of “World of Warcraft” is called “Dragon Xiang” that we reported to you earlier. At the same time, in the breaking news, he also released a vague CG screenshot, which seems to be the Red Dragon Queen recalling her enslavement by the orcs.

There’s also a new talent tree leak map showing the talent system returning to the classic style. Tonight at 12:00 a.m., the world of warcraft official will open a new launch conference, when the new version will be unveiled, interested players can click here to view it.

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