Google Web Search: New navigation is being tested, the search types move back to a sidebar

Google Web Search has changed over the years and could be in the desktop version before the next major update, which is currently being tested. The navigation bar for switching between the individual search types should again move from the top edge to the side and get a little more space and perhaps also attention. Something like this has happened more often.

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Google Web Search has always been very tidy and this has always been maintained despite the very strong changes in over 20 years. Nevertheless, you probably want to get the navigation between the search types a little more attention and let them migrate to another place in a test run. Instead of under the search bar, it can be found on the left edge during the test run. Then with larger icons and as a menu bar, but the same content.

Even the drop-down that highlights the other search types is preserved. Previously, the order of the search types was dynamic, so that depending on the number and quality of the results, sometimes the images, sometimes the messages, the videos or other types have made it to second place. With the new side menu, you should rather refrain from this because a uniform order would probably be better for this conversion into real navigation.

Take a look at the following two screenshots, which first show the new variant and then the previously used version for comparison. The difference at the top is minimal, but the filling of the left whitespace is already very noticeable and ensures that it does not seem quite as tidy at first glance. Especially nothing if there is still a Knowledge Graph on the right – which is not the case in this example.

By the way, this is not the first time that such a sidebar has been introduced. Already well over ten years ago, such an interface was used, in which the search filters could also be found at this point. According to my memory, however, they said goodbye to it again after just over a year. Because such a sidebar cannot be implemented on the smartphone, I do not think that it will be a permanent change or a major experiment.

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