Now the switch to Google Play Billing is taking place

Google also has to change its own Android apps due to some changed guidelines. This time it’s about the payment method that you change for some of the Android apps. This affects, for example, the YouTube services such as the premium subscription or YouTube Music. If you now treat yourself to a subscription, you will process your payments via the so-called Google Play Billing.

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Previously, the apps had their own payment processing. But the requirements in the Play Store have changed, also due to higher security. Google has already relaxed the system in the Play Store again so that Android apps can choose their preferred payment partner a little more freely.

Google Play Billing: Find subscriptions to Google apps in one place

An advantage of the conversion of the YouTube apps is that you can now manage all Google subscriptions in the same place in the Google Play Store. This is here: Open Google Play Store > tap your profile picture > Payments & Subscriptions. For example, I am still an “old customer”, so my YouTube Premium cannot be found there.

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