Samsung very optimistic about Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 4: initial orders doubled

It seems that Samsung has high expectations about its new generation of folding smartphones: according to Ross Young of DSCC, the analysis company that focuses on the movements of display production, production orders for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 are more than double compared to last year when it was the fold 3 (photo in the opening) and Flip 3.

The real good news for us consumers is that large quantities could lead to a reduction in prices. Young adds, among other things, that orders are scheduled for July, indicating that the new foldable could arrive a little earlier than we have seen in 2021.

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Rumors have emerged so far indicate that Samsung is focusing on improving two areas in particular: cameras and ergonomics. The rear module should be essentially identical to that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, although the most pushed telephoto with periscopic lens and 10x zoom is in doubt (it is worth considering that it is very bulky and is consequently a plausible sacrifice), while a new hinge and further constructive measures should reduce thickness and weight. However, just to contain the dimensions, it seems that Samsung does not intend to integrate the S Pen into the body of the device, unlike what it did with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

For the rest, we expect top features as always; among the main novelties, we should find the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus by Qualcomm, produced by TSMC instead of by Samsung itself. Another interesting detail that has emerged recently is that the production of the batteries could be entrusted to third parties – in particular LG. A more durable UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) coating should also arrive.


For the moment, unfortunately, we still do not know much. It seems that the smartphone will be very similar to the predecessor both in size and in characteristics – the same pairing of display (at least diagonal) and unfortunately same battery, which is not stellar.

6As on the Z Fold 4, the fingerprint scanner should remain on the power button instead of being integrated into the display: it can actually be argued that this solution is more convenient for foldable, because at least it can be used even when the device is closed. It remains to be seen whether the Z will remain in the name, given that it has already been removed in some markets due to the implications in the context of the war in Ukraine.

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