GCam 8.4.600: Improve the photographic performance of your smartphone

We are all aware of this, with the passage of time the interest of users, as well as the efforts of smartphone manufacturers, increasingly focus on the photographic performance of devices. The world in which we live, constantly connected and dotted with social networks, means that each of us wants to be able to get the best possible shots when we take the smartphone out of our pocket; in recent years manufacturers have been gradually increasing the characteristics of photographic sensors, until this year to probably see the first 200 MP sensors.

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It is clear, however, that the goodness of the shot returned does not depend exclusively on the photosensor mounted on the device, the optimization of the camera software actually makes a huge difference in the final result; a striking example is represented by the Pixel, which although not boasting stratospheric sensors over the years, have always defended themselves more than very well in photographic performance thanks to the Google Camera, for GCam friends.

The algorithms behind the Big G software, allow you to greatly improve the quality of the shots obtained with virtually any device, in fact (the beauty of Android) there are numerous modified versions of the GCam, installable on a myriad of smartphones: the mod has reached version 8.4.600, let’s see how to install it.

What is GCam

We have talked about it several times, GCam is a modified version of Google Camera, and there is a large group of developers currently engaged in the creation of different mods, which can be specific to some devices, or have wider compatibility (as we will see shortly). Let it be clear that it is not yet universally compatible with all smartphones in circulation, but the community has been working for some time to provide a universal version; currently, among other things the requirements to be able to use the modified version are not particularly stringent, a version of Android equal to or greater than 10 and support for camera2 APIs is sufficient.

Both features should be available by default on most recent smartphones, this does not mean that thanks to modding it is possible to use them even on older devices, the images you will see below in fact come from a Xiaomi Mi A1 with Pixel Experience and Android 12, in which the camera2 APIs have been enabled with a not too complicated procedure through ADB (since they were not active by default).

How to download and install version 8.4.600 on your device

The latest version of the GCam, the 8.4.600, is available thanks to the developer BSG one of the most active from the beginning in attempts to make the software available for non-Pixel devices; given that you are in possession of the requirements already mentioned, you can download the APK by following this link. In fact, for the tentar series does not harm, the application may also work with devices equipped with previous versions of Android.

The implementation is elementary, once you download the APK on the device and have allowed the installation from unknown sources, the installation of the app will start; the result will be very similar to what you can see in the gallery, being able to benefit from all (or almost, depending on the device) the features of the GCam.

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