Google Stadia: In the pipeline there are specific touch controls and 1440p mobile streaming

One of the most important dimensions of cloud gaming is the mobile one: the possibility of playing triple-A titles on the smartphone, simply by taking advantage of the internet connection, seems like vertigo of the future and instead is already a piece of our present. Google Stadia has not made as much as Mountain View would have hoped, but from the point of view of infrastructure and quality of service, it remains a reference in the sector.

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Even when playing from a smartphone, however, the best thing is to use an external physical controller, connected to the phone via Bluetooth. But right there is also the possibility of playing using the touch screen and on-screen controls: and in this sense, it seems that Google is preparing an improvement, as emerges from version 4.13 of the app for Android devices.


Digging into the code, in fact, 9to5Google has found new custom on-screen commands. What does it mean? Simple: instead of the simple and anonymous “A” button, for example, at the virtual button an icon will be shown on the screen that represents the action related to the pressure of the jump – and therefore the jump, the run, the launch of a grenade, and so on.

This is an intelligent improvement, which once implemented is able to make the relationship with the touch controls much more intuitive and therefore immediate and digestible, which are already abstract enough to press, and must therefore be at least concrete to interpret. In this way, however, the player will be able to see on the screen when the action associated with key changes.


Another interesting novelty that emerged rummaging through the code of version 4.13 of the Stadia app concerns the resolution: currently in fact that of streaming for mobile gaming stops at 1080p.

But things could soon change: within the code in fact “UPTO_1440P” is mentioned, which suggests that in the works there may be the ability to provide streaming at 1440p on mobile: a choice that, moreover, would fit the Pixel 6 Pro and the resolution of its display perfectly. However, we can’t ignore the possibility that this reference actually has to do with the Stadia app for Android TV.

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