Huawei and Android: Two years ago we thought it wouldn’t be that bad

It’s been almost two years since Huawei finally lost all licenses to work with Google. Everything ended in a great disaster. If we look at our text from back then today, it turned out worse than expected. Huawei had not been able to keep its announcements at the time. Pending updates for the Android operating system were not even available for the most expensive smartphones from the P and Mate series.

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Android updates were no longer possible

The “new challenges” at that time could not be mastered – for legal reasons alone. Huawei could no longer implement updates to newer Android versions. Android 11 never appeared, the devices already sold were left with the outdated Android versions. Ultimately, nothing ever changed again. Huawei is virtually excluded from the West. You can only renew your own EMUI software.

In the meantime, Huawei has not only been unable to supply its own devices with newer Android versions. They also failed to establish their own HarmonyOS in any form. It may look a little different in China, but the competition there has long since taken over a large proportion of the market. The embargo on software and hardware has paralyzed Huawei almost completely since 2020 at the latest.

Huawei: No chance in the middle of nowhere

Ultimately, coverage and interest have plummeted. Huawei is still trying to sell its own devices here, but this is unlikely to work. Nobody wants an app store that doesn’t even offer the most important and popular apps. And a world without YouTube, Google, etc. is very difficult for many smartphone users to imagine.

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