Google explains the reason for the temporary restrictions of Android 12 and 13 Beta

At the moment two Android Beta programs are active, in addition of course to the stable channel and in the past few hours the Google team has decided to provide an explanation of why owners of a Google Pixel series smartphone may not immediately get Android 12 QPR3 or Android 13 Beta after registering their device.

In fact, with a post published on Reddit, the team of developers of the Mountain View giant announced that there are some temporary restrictions in force starting today that could cause a delay in receiving the over-the-air beta update (OTA).

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That’s why there are temporary restrictions in the Android 12 and 13 beta programs

More specifically, devices on which the latest stable version of Android 12 is installed (i.e. the one released in early May, the SP2A.220505.002 release) can access the Beta program but will not immediately receive the OTA update and will have to await until the release of the next update. This means one of the next two versions:

  • Android 12 QPR3 Beta (scheduled to release this week)
  • Android 13 Beta (the second beta is expected to be released soon)

In practice, for those who want to sign up for the Beta program, the Google team recommends that they do so now and not install the stable version of Android 12 with the May security patches.

As for devices with Android 12 Beta on board (one of the various releases, such as 12L, QPR3, etc.), their owners may also experience a delay in receiving the update in case of enrollment in the Android program. 13 Beta. In particular, this should happen for devices that will install Android 12 QPR3 Beta 3 (which will be released this week), for which Android 13 Beta 1 will not be available but it will be necessary to wait for the release of Android 13 Beta 2.

Basically, anyone who currently has a Google Pixel with Android 12 beta and wants to join the Android 13 Beta program should do so before installing Android 12 Beta 3.

These temporary restrictions are based on the date of the various software versions: if the one installed on the device at the time of entry into the beta program is more recent than the latest beta version available, in fact, the system does not initiate the release of the update via OTA.

In any case, in the event that your device falls within those subject to these temporary restrictions, it is always possible to overcome this “hitch” by restoring the factory settings (with consequent deletion of all device data). Otherwise, you need to have some patience.

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