Here’s how sharing with Nearby Share improves

Nearby Share is one of the features studied by the Google team to make life easier for users: thanks to it, it is possible to share files with other nearby devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Last month it emerged that the developers of the Mountain View giant are working on a novelty that should make the procedure for sharing the desired content smoother: we are talking about what has been called Self Share.

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When you share files between your devices, in fact, the need to approve the request every time slows down the sharing experience and this is where the new function comes into play, which will allow you to quickly share files between the devices registered to them. Google account without having to approve the share.

Here’s how the Nearby Share novelty will work

Once again it is Mishaal Rahman who provides us with anticipation of the innovations developed by Google and on Twitter, he published the following video with a practical demonstration of how Self Share works (including a “completion” screen of the procedure):

According to what has been learned, with the latest version of Google Play Services users will have the possibility to move their files via Bluetooth between the various devices owned (and connected to the same Google account) without the need to proceed each time to authentication.

This new feature was introduced with the May update and requires Google Play Services version 22.15. Here is how it is described in the official changelog relating to the Google System update of May 2022 :

Nearby Share now allows users to share content more seamlessly between their devices logged into the same account. It should be available to everyone within a few days.

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