Instagram is testing a new TikTok-style full-screen feed

The competition between the various social platforms is fiercer than ever and each tries to improve itself perhaps taking inspiration from the strengths of its rivals, the latest example is that of Instagram, which has just started testing a new video feed with an approach clearly inspired by that of TikTok.

A few days ago we had already talked about the sighting of a very interesting novelty, especially for creators, to whom it would give the possibility to highlight the most relevant posts; if that change was clearly inspired by what has been happening on other platforms for some time, the argument is even more valid for the one treated here.

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Instagram: new full-screen feed-in testing

Instagram has officially kicked off the testing phase of a new full-screen feed , designed to make the user experience more immersive and engaging. Once the application is opened, users would immediately find themselves in front of content created vertically, so that the videos would become more central to the use of the social network.

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, directly confirmed the start of the test in a video posted on Twitter in the past few hours. The executive speaks specifically of a more immersive viewing experience of the feed in the home. Of course, users involved in this first phase of testing are invited to share their feedback on the change, which certainly significantly changes the experience of using Instagram.

An image shared by Instagram, visible below, allows us to get a first idea of ​​what Instagram would be like with a full-screen feed, with comments, likes, descriptions and other elements of the posts clearly visible in correspondence with the example post.

Failure to see the Stories should not worry: Seine Kim, the spokesperson for Meta, reported that this new view of the home would only come into operation once scrolling in the feed has started, while the Stories would remain accessible at the top of the screen.

Other elements such as Search, Reels, shopping and the user’s profile would be accessible via dedicated keys located at the bottom of the screen, while notifications, messages and other functions would remain at the top, along with the option to switch between accounts. The new full-screen feed, according to the spokesperson, would be used for all posts, including images and videos.

On the other hand, Instagram’s desire to focus decisively on vertical content, capable of involving users more, is made evident by the importance attributed to Reels, with particular reference to the original content.

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