Nintendo of America contractors criticize company for unfair treatment and discrimination

Nintendo of America (NOA) contract workers have criticized the company for being biased against them and full-time employees, and they have grown increasingly unhappy with Nintendo of America (NOA), according to IGN’s reports of interviews with more than a dozen current and former employees of Nintendo of America (NOA).

Contract workers say they do the jobs of full-time employees but are poorly paid and treated. Former president Reggie denied it was an issue during his tenure. NOA reportedly did not want to switch and hire full-time staff, which led to an unclear career path for contract workers to become full-time employees and a high chance of contract workers leaving.

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NOA’s employee turnover rate last year was 4.7 percent, as full-time employees typically stay with the company for years or even decades. However, the contract workers typically quit within a year, sources said.

A contract worker has revealed that during his interview for a full-time position, the death of a family member forced her to go home halfway through, which led the interviewer to tell her she had “attendance issues”.

The IGN report noted that some business decisions the company has made in the past have been unpopular among employees, such as the unexpected closure of its Redwood City location.

A source told IGN: “I got the feeling that a lot of people were successfully working from home and then Nintendo closed the Redwood City office and said you all can’t stay in California, you have to move here, or leave.” This is just the tip of the iceberg of companies falling behind outdated mindsets.”

The source also said the company’s restrictions on the activities of part-time workers and even the attendance policy had caused them to feel like second-class citizens.

Reggie, the former president of Nintendo of America, said that during his tenure, the company often hired contract workers as full-time employees.

“I’ve seen similar statements, the difference between contract and full-time employees. All I can say is that this was not the company culture when I left Nintendo of America.”

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