Tesla Model S/X models are upgraded, and the large central screen can be rotated towards the main/co-pilot

Tesla has updated the Model S and Model X models with a new electric rotating function for the central control screen to provide a better viewing experience. Over the past few years, Tesla has put a lot of effort into in-car entertainment, from the streaming service’s Tesla Theater to video games.

The automaker is even doing some hardware design around entertainment, with two of Tesla’s flagship models previously updated with a new large horizontal center display, better for watching videos, and a new rear-seat powered by a gaming computer display.

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Now, Tesla has made the center display of the Model S and Model X even more entertaining by adding a swivel feature. The video shows that the rotation function of Model S and Model X is not horizontal or vertical like BYD, but tilts horizontally to the main driver or co-driver so that the driver or front passenger can get a better view experience.

It is worth mentioning that the automatic opening of the front trunk in the video was added by the owner himself, not an official Tesla function. It’s unclear when Tesla made the changes to the Model S and Model X, but the owner who posted the video mentions that the car was produced in the last week of April, so speculating about Model S and Model X production since then The X vehicles are equipped with this new version of the center console display.

Tesla does not currently support video playback on the center display when the vehicle is not parked, but this is expected to change in the future as Tesla achieves higher levels of autonomous driving.

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