The Xbox App is updated: Many improvements for activity feed, tags and stories on the Xbox Series X/S

With the new update of the official Xbox app, the Xbox Series X / S family of consoles and the entire ecosystem of green-cross platforms is enriched with numerous improvements related to Tags, Stories and the Activity Feed.

From the columns of Xbox Wire, the videogame division of Microsoft explains that it has made numerous improvements to the official Xbox application for iOS and Android systems following the indications and feedback provided by fans.

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The first and perhaps most important intervention concerns the complete reformulation of the Activity Feed of the Xbox app, with the ability to create, share and view Stories with your friends directly from the mobile application and to add priority tags for video games. and the activities carried out on the console.

The revamped Activity Feed of the Xbox app is added to a Stories channel to be recalled directly from the home screen, thus making it easier to share in-game clips, screenshots or newly unlocked Achievements.

The interventions made by Microsoft to integrate the Quality of Service tags are also part of this perspective, a system that allows users to prioritize the network traffic generated by the individual activities of the Xbox app such as group chat, streaming from console or multiplayer in supported games.

The quality of service tags should significantly improve the use of the app by those who do not have a particularly fast connection or in times of traffic congestion. The update in question is already available in Australia and will soon be available in Europe, Asia and North America as well.

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